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  • Calming Turquoise Woven Bracelet - aurapride
  • Calming Turquoise Woven Bracelet - aurapride
  • Calming Turquoise Woven Bracelet - aurapride
  • Calming Turquoise Woven Bracelet - aurapride

Calming Turquoise Woven Bracelet

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    Turquoise, renowned as a master healing stone, possesses remarkable qualities. It is widely believed to attract good fortune, happiness, prosperity, and strength, making it an invaluable aid in the healing process.

    Chakra Opener 

    With its profound ability to harmonize the chakras, Turquoise promotes inner calmness and balance. Specifically, it serves as an opener for the Throat and Heart Chakras, facilitating clear communication and fostering emotional well-being.

    Protector and Cleansing

    Considered a potent protector and cleanser, Turquoise shields the body from environmental pollutants and enhances psychic sensitivity to the spirit realm. It purifies and revitalizes, bringing a sense of energetic clarity and purification.

    Self acceptance

    Turquoise holds a deeply personal significance, serving as the stone of self-acceptance and serenity. It empowers individuals to embrace themselves wholly, including their flaws, and promotes a profound sense of inner peace.

    Goes with All

    Handcrafted with simplicity and elegance in mind, this exquisite healing bracelet complements any personal style. Its unique design adds a touch of individuality and charm, making it a cherished accessory that is both meaningful and fashionable.


    Item Type: Bracelet
    Stone: Turquoise
    Materials: Turquoise stone, Metal, Leather
    Size: Around 6.3 inches + 3 closures for adjustment
    Clasp Type: Easy-hook

    * Our products are handmade using natural gemstones. Stone colors and shapes may vary slightly. 

    For any questions or issues, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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