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About Us

Welcome to AuraPride, thank you for taking the time to browse our spiritual products! We are delighted to share a little information about ourselves and what we do.

AuraPride came into existence in 2021 but the idea was buiding up gradually over the past fifteen years.

Six years in amazing India changed my life completely. I discovered a whole world that I was not aware of: THE WORLD OF ENERGY and I had no idea where the journey will lead me.

I was introduced to Yoga first, a huge world by itself. What I was learning everyday about the practice and about myself was beyond imagination that I decided to take a further step to deepen my knowledge through a 500 level yoga teacher certification.

My passion and curiosity pushed me towards the different ways of natural healing. From Ayurveda to Prana to Reiki to Aromatherapy..., anything that may affect positively the spiritual, physical or emotional aspects of a human. I believe I was seeking the right knowledge in the right place.

What I realised was amazing, the common factor between all those ancient therapies was that they are all coming from a certain wisdom, they restore the energy of the body in a natural way and they don’t treat the symptoms but the root cause. They support restore the flow of the energy in the body and the healing happens naturally since the body has the capacity to heal itself.

It was when I moved to Thailand that my crystal journey started. I have always been attracted to gemstones jewelry but I've never knew about their healing properties and how unique they are.

Learning about crystals was an other eye opener for me. I was incredibly fascinated with their power and how they can support us in many situations.

AuraPride came into existence to help the world to be a better place by helping people to vibrate at a higher frequency.

Wether through our shop or through the articles in our blog, our purpose is to spread the awarness of the power of nature, natural ways that are available to us importance of  energy healing and the power through the items available in the shop and through the information in the blog. It is the culmination of many years of knowledge and practice.  encourage you to go back to the ancient wisdom and to make conscious choices in life. The purpose is to keep our vibration high.

We work closely with inspiring artisans from around the world and we who help us design and create all the jewellery you see in our collection today.